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Management & Support

  • ceoIRON WON

    Business AdvisorParticipation in VC Projects as Follows : Hycon (HYC) / Cardano (ADA) / VERASITY (VRA) / ICON (ICX) / Electric Vehicle Zone (EVZ) / BlueWhale (BWX) / FuzeX (FXT)

  • ceoGEON

    Over 6 years of Experience in Arbitrage Trading and Market Data AnalysisHead of Marketing for VOB Expansion in Over 20 CountriesCo-Founder of BlocksquareGraduate of POSTECH Blockchain Expert Program

  • ceoJ.Y. LEE

    Tsinghua UniversityFounding Member of VOBParticipation in VRA/EVZ Projects

  • ceoH.A. KIM

    Expert in Marketing

Engineering & System

  • ceoHYUK

    Collaboration with Bithumb CEX Technician on Numerous Cryptocurrency ProjectsEstablished Partnership with Amazon KoreaNumerous Cryptocurrency Trading Automation PlatformsDeveloper of the GOYA AI

  • ceoC.K. HONG

    Database SpecialistThe National System for COVID-19 Relief FundNumerous Cryptocurrency Platforms

  • ceoS.Y. OH

    Page Design & Publishing

  • ceoM. JANG

    Best-selling Author in AIExecutive of POSTECH Blockchain Executive ProgramPOSTECH Ph.D. in Machine Learning & AI

  • ceoH.U. LEE
    Team Leader

    Data Analysis General Manager

  • ceoE.M. KO
    Team Member

    System DevelopmentAndroid Development

  • ceoC.Y. KIM
    Team Member

    System DevelopmentIOS Development

  • ceoD.Y. PARK
    Team Member

    Data AnalysisAI Development

  • ceoH.J. SHIM
    Team Member

    System DevelopmentBE & FE DevelopmentChart Development

  • ceoS.U. IM
    Team Member

    Data Analysis

  • ceoJ.W. CHANG
    Team Member

    System DevelopmentAI Development

  • ceoH.J. GONG
    Team Member

    Data AnalysisBackend & Frontend Development

  • ceoY.J. CHO
    Team Member

    System DeveloperBackend & Frontend Development

  • ceoS.A. LEE
    Team Member

    System DeveloperBackend & Frontend Development

Strategy & Global

  • ceoM.C. CHOI

    Pusan National UniversityPlanning General ManagerAlibaba Global Challenge World Finalist

  • ceoJ.W. JEON

    Sales Planning

  • ceoM.H. CHOI

    Japanese Market Development

  • ceoT.C. LA
    Team Member

    Vietnamese Market Development

  • ceoU.Y. LEE
    Team Member

    Chinese Market Development

  • ceoH. YANG
    Team Member

    Chinese Market Development

  • ceoBAYARAA
    Team Member

    Asia Market Development

  • ceoJ.E. LEE
    Team Member

    U.S. Market Development

Business & Platform

  • ceoJ.M. KOO
    Executive Director

    Network Security & Data Analysis Specialist at HP8 Years of Experience as a Full-Time Cryptocurrency Trader

  • ceoD. CHAN

    New Business DevelopmentSungkyunkwan University

  • ceoB.C. YU

    Contents P.D.

  • ceoJ.C. LEE

    Graphic DesignWeb & Application Design

  • ceoM.J. LEE
    Team Member

    Graphic DesignWeb & Application Design

  • ceoY.H. CHO
    Team Member

    Visual Arts

Trading & Algorithm

  • ceoU.J. OH
    Executive Director

    Full-time Trader Professional Training Instructor (with over 1,000 members)Investment Expert at the Cryptocurrency Academy

  • ceoS.H. KIM
    Team Manager

    Algorithm PlanningWorld Semi-Finalist at Major International Trading Cup

  • ceoI.S. KIM
    Team Member

    Data AnalysisAlgorithm & Autobot Review

  • ceoH.R. KANG
    Team Member

    System DeveloperBacktesting & Autobot Development

Advisors & Consultants

  • ceoMR. MIN
    External Consultant

    Served CEO of HILIVING

  • ceoMR. LEE
    External Advisor

    Served National Intelligence Head of Department

  • ceoMR. CHOI
    External Spokesperson

    Served Mayor in KoreaCEO of the Major Journal

  • ceoMR. JANG
    External Advisor

    CEO, NewPromise LAB (AI, Blockchain, WEB3.0)POSTECH Adjunct Prof. Ph.D.

  • ceoMR. KIM
    External Spokesperson

    The Korea Times Industry ColumnistThe Blue House Director GeneralKorea Communications Commission (KCC)

Defense & Counsel

  • Elliot (Law Firm Decent)

    Consultation on comprehensive business structure of P2E corporation P2E issuing virtual assetsICO, SAFT, exchange acquisition contracts of company B, a virtual asset IssuerNumber of white papers reviewed and consulted on virtual asset and NFT issuersConsult on Algorithmic virtual asset trading company U. Response to tax audit held on Company BReview and advisory on company K's NFT platform business model

  • IAN (Law Firm Decent)

    A fraud suit worth KRW 2 trillion by the top-level employee of company V, a multi-level coin exchangeVirtual asset contract structure advisory on algorithmic trading company BComprehensive legal advice on NFT issuer C company through in-house lawyer serviceResponse to the Bitcoin transaction broker D's fraud investigation incurred from accidental transaction